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We build Cultural Awareness in Children through Art and Crafts.

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fun and exclusive art classes for kids

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We, at Bantu arts atelier for kids, are a community of individuals who have come together to explore, learn and educate others about the unique and beautiful Bantu culture from Africa. Bantu culture is composed of a wide range of sub cultural groups and languages spread over many countries in Africa.

Most of modern day designs draw inspiration from this African culture We, at Bantu Art atelier for kids are the bridge between the Bantu culture and the local communities, thus adding to the cultural intelligence of their children. We believe that we strive as human beings when we learn and understand other people’s cultures, as we are bound by a share humanity.

Our work is to offer to the communities the opportunity to learn and understand about the Bantu culture. We do this through workshops, learning curriculum and other arty activities. We are Bantu


Our mission here at Bantu arts Atelier for kids is to share Bantu related activities with children, teachers, families and their communities to foster connection through cultural diversity and enhance human relations


To expose kids, their families and their communities to a culturally rich adventure to build cultural awareness in children through Bantu arts activities. To create a warm and enjoyable atmosphere sharing our activities with the community. To introduce to the community a culture that is commonly known and represented by safari/animals


Our vision is to add the beautiful and rich Bantu culture to the community lifestyle as it pertains to fashion, food, children activities and more. Already Bantu culture is of great influence to the modern day design It is also our vision to create a healthy environment in the community through the many activities engaged by Bantu arts atelier for kids


We invite you to make a financial contribution to our projects. As a 501c3 non-profit organization, the organization relies uniquely on the generous contributions of donors who want to support our cause. Thank you for your collaboration! We will be sure to share how your action is helping other people’s lives.

Bantu refers to a group of languages and people of 300 - 600 Nations in Africa. Known as the head of most African cultures, they are gifted with art and literature. Their influence can be seen in modern day design.

Bantu Languages
Ethnic groups
yrs ago
Originated around


Everything that we do here at Bantu, is funded by gifts, and donations to our organization. As a non-profit, we depend on the support of the community to fund all of the projects that we do. Be it either from spreading the word, volunteering, or donating, we greatly appreciate all help and support that the community is willing to offer us.

Summer 2017 Activities

Bantu Dance, face and body painting!

winter 2016 activities

We’ll even come to your kid’s school!

handmade crafts

Cultural awareness


We invite you to become a volunteer. Volunteers are the heart of our work. Their dedication and contribution is most valuable to us. People make the difference and the change. Their time and energy is what makes our work move forward and expand.

What We do

“are we forming children that are only capable of learning what is already known?” – Jean Piaget

We learn from each child uniqueness while engaging in the creative art of Bantu culture.
We do workshops, screen-free activities, audio activities, dance and more

What we do here at Bantu Arts Atelier for Kids, is many things. In short, we are a community; and a school of cultural education. Through workshops and classes on various topics, presentations, dances, festivals, charity events, and so much more it is our hope to educate our local communities about their fellow humans across the world. If we could fly everyone back to the Bantu villages, we could; but we feel this is as close as we can get without actually doing that. It is through these classes, displays, and outpouring of community support that we hope to achieve our goals. We have classes on various aspects of Bantu culture for people of all ages, and we implore all those interested to check us out!

We go to schools, community events, children hospital, foster care homes, senior facilities, juvenile
centers , etc..
We are unique, we are different and that is our beauty

Our Staff

Marianne G. Bema2

Marianne G. Bema

Author, Founder

Marianne Bema was born and raised in Cameroon, Central Africa. After the birth of her twins, Marianne was given the special name of Magnie as required by the Bamileke culture in Cameroon. The accomplished author proudly wears this highly-respected name. Magnie, lived in Gabon and. Europe before arriving in the United States.


Pamela Brooks

Board Member Office Management

Pamela Brooks, a Chicago native, holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work and Public Administration. After 20 yr. as Project Manager, Pamela welcomed the opportunity to become a Talent Manager. This multi-talented professional is a mother of four, who spent over ten years traveling the world with young actors.

Although retired to Southern California, this “Glam-Ma” of six remains busy. Pamela has penned her first children book,”You Are Not The Boss  Of Me.” She is also spearheading her own projects as an author, screenwriter and producer. Pamela is elated to collaborate with Bantu Arts Atelier for Kids.

Stephanie Porras (2)-crop

Stephanie Porras

Board Member Public

Stephanie Porras is a lifetime resident of the Ventura and Los Angeles communities. Fostering the development of children through cultural awareness and natural discovery has always been her passion. Her daughters attended Montessori school and she was active in participation with the schools and community activities. In the past 20 years she has worked in finance, real estate and as a private consultant and is currently working in event staffing and management.

Laila Kulungu


Media Consultant and Activity Presentation

Laila Kulungu was born in Congo Kinshasa which is in Central Africa. She has a bachelor degree in film making. She loves children and anything that has to do with culture and nature. She is also a Bantu.


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